House Cleaning

Household cleaning services
We offer all household cleaning services including the following:
Weekly cleaning
General Maintenance cleaning
Complete Spring cleaning
Vacuuming and mopping floors
Toilets and bathrooms
Kitchen cleaning
Window cleaning
Cleaning of in / Out House Moving
Cleaning during building and renovation work and final cleaning
Cleaning of Holiday Villas / Apartments / Holiday let properties
Our additional services include: minor renovations ( painting, decorating, wallpapering and assembly of furniture )
We will always make an individual cleaning plan for each home, as we are all individuals so also our homes individual care.
General maintenance cleaning will be done regularly according to the agreement normally at least twice a month. The first general maintenance cleaning is a complete spring clean after which it is easy to maintain a good standard of cleanliness and cleaning can be done efficiently in the future.
Spring cleaning is either a one off or less than twice a month repeated cleaning service. This is a very thorough and extensive cleaning of your home and includes all pre-arranged areas.
Window cleaning does not form a part of Spring cleaning or General Maintenance cleaning. This is service to be agreed separately.
Contract cleaning this will take into account specific recuirements of each client and will take place regularly and at a pre-agreed time schedule. The client will decide the reguired rooms ie. kitchen, living room etc and the work that needs to be done in each room ie. floors, doors etc. A cleaning contract that defines all the areas to be included will be drafted together with the client.
Cleaning can take place once a week ( weekly cleaning ) , every other week , every third week or once a month.
From the argeement we will provide an estimate of the time reguired to complete the work.
We also provide Cleaning after Renovation and Building work.